Tony score podium in Lommel

The fourteenth round of the MXGP was held this weekend in Belgium, on the deep sand of the Lommel circuit. The track, known worldwide as one of the most difficult and demanding, is one of the favorite of Tony Cairoli, who has played here some of the best races of his career.

The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team rider, recently returned to using the 350 SX-F, has not had an easy life, encountering several difficulties in timed sessions, that relegated him in eighteenth position. In qualifying, with an aggressive race strategy and a good comeback, the eight-time World Champion has recovered, up to conquer the sixth gate for Sunday's race. In the first moto, on the sand wet by a heavy showers just before the start, Tony did not came out of the gate in the best way possible but in a few laps he remounted up to attack for the third position, when a problem with arm pumps forced him to slow down, not to take risks, receding until the sixth place finish. Determined to redeem the first round, Cairoli started the second head, close to the hole-shot and winning the second position, held until the finish line with a good race pace. 

The result of the second heat gave to the Sicilian the podium for the fifth time this season, with a third final place that however leaves unsatisfied. Next round of the MXGP in six days, on the brand new Frauenfeld Swiss track.

Antonio Cairoli: "Today I can not say I'm satisfied nor my race, nor of my ride, especially in the first heat. Unfortunately I struggled all weekend to find the right feeling with the track, on which I'm not competing for the last two years, never being able to score good lap times. In race one I tried to remount after a not perfect start and I recovered several positions until the third, but then I began to make too many mistakes and I start suffering arm pumps and I went down to sixth place.

It 'was a shame because so I compromised the chances of winning the Grand Prix that were concrete; on this track I have always made good races and I know I can ride better than that. In race two, things have gone differently, I started well and I found the right rhythm, winning the podium that had been lacking for too long. Now we have to keep working hard to get all the best of the last part of the season. "
Next Grand Prix: Switzerland, Frauenfeld 07/08/16
Race 1:
1-M.Nagl, 2-S.Simpson, 3-K.Strijbos, 4-C.Desalle, 6-A.Cairoli
Race 2:
1-T.Gajser, 2-A.Cairoli 3-K.Strijbos, 4-J.Van Horebeek, 5-G.Coldenhoff
Grand Prix:
1-K.Strijbos 40p. 2-M.Nagl 38p. 3-A.Cairoli 37p. 4-J.Van Horebeek 34p. 5-T.Gajser 31p.
World Championship Standings:
1-T.Gajser 607p. 2-A.Cairoli 504p. 3-M.Nagl 490p. 4-R.Febvre 464p. 5-E.Bobryshev 445p.


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