The italian goldsmith Gianfranco Quartaroli

Passionate about sports, italian goldsmith Gianfranco Quartaroli opens an online jewellery store for sports people; he is the first to create a series of collections that merge the world of jewels with that of his passions.

In search of a jewel which could bring together F1, the motorcycle GP and his work, with the eyes of his imagination,Quartaroli identifies a “jewel shaped to resemble the circuits, with a diamond at the place of the starting point, a sliding bezel with a precious stone set inside having the colour of the Team and 4 black diamonds at the side as tyres…”.

Imagination takes the forms of reality, with the first patent “Circuiti gioielli” dedicated to jewels made from stainless steel, gold and diamonds, with the shapes of all the world’s motorcar and motorcycle circuits, in particular that of Monza, for which he makes a prototype of a jewel in gold and black diamonds. He continues, creating new models dedicated to other sporting institutions with which he establishes trade agreements.

To finish, in parallel, he develops a feminine line of the brand, for all motorsport women, a clear example of which is the necklace with the circuit at the centre, in Sex and the City style. On the occasion of the recent EXPO 2015, Gianfranco Quartaroli dedicated a line of jewels to the important event; given that sport is the recurring theme of Circuiti Gioielli, it is essential for a good sportsman to eat well and do plenty of training; hence the theme to underline is “diet, health and wellness”.

And it is in these circumstances that Quartaroli met with ADOR, partner of “Gioielli Gustosi”, a project of the students of the State School Salvo D’ Acquisto of Muggiò (MB), who was awarded on
17th May at Palazzo Italia of Expo.

With the intent of promoting and spreading the correct lifestyles of the Expo Milano 2015 project, where sport is undoubtedly an essential guiding hand for all nations, the goldsmith from Valenza has produced a series of pendants, bracelets and key-rings, to wear and take everywhere, like the symbols of one’s national football team, in the context of Expo Milano 2015, “feeding the planet, energy for life”.


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