Tony Cairoli sixt at Matterley Basin

The track of Matterley Basin has hosted this weekend's British Grand Prix, the eleventh round of the FIM World Championship MXGP 2016. On the legendary British track, where Antonio Cairoli has won four times and where in 2013 he conquest the seventh title of World Champion, the best riders in the Motocross World Championship battled in memorable races. Sixth in Saturday's qualifying race, after recovering the ground lost in a harmless crash on the second lap, Tony made one of his fantastic jump out of the gate in the first heat on Sunday, starting in front of his opponents and signing the eighth hole-shot of the season. After losing two positions during the first lap, Cairoli passed the finishing line of the third lap in fourth place, managing the forces in a long and busy day. At the end of the race Tony, with his usual grit was back on the riders ahead of him, catching up to the second position, riding till the end with a great rhythm.

The start of the second race, under the rain, did not appear as effective as the first and, hampered by two opponents the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team rider had to close the gas, passing the second corner in the middle of the group.

Tony launched himself into a furious comeback on the sketchy and wet track but in the third round, he landed short on the big quadruple jump, while attacking for the tenth position, suffering a sharp pain in his left wrist, which forced him to slow down dramatically, losing more positions. Recovered the forces, riding his KTM 450SX-F, Cairoli clenched the teeth to recover again, until you close in tenth position; gaining valuable points which keep him third in the standings, just three points off second place. The next round of the MXGP is among six days on the Lombardy track of Mantova, for the twelfth round of the World Motocross.

Antonio Cairoli: “First moto with the second place was ok, because I struggled a little bit to pass the other riders at the beginning of the race and with the good speed I had maybe I could follow the leader. I try to pass but it was not easy so I had to wait the end of the race, when they did some mistake. I was looking forward for the second race, because I really love this track and I have good memories from the past but then I had a bad start and I came out of the gate really bad. Then I was trying to come back and when I was again close to the top ten, on the big quad I was a bit short and I hurt something on my left wrist that was very painful and I was thinking that I could not even end the race, so I slowed down, loosing some position. I was thinking to give up but then it was going slightly better and I decided to keep fight for some important points that I need for the Championship and I finish in the top ten.

At the end of the race we went check my wrist at the medical service, because it has swollen a lot and tomorrow I will go to my doctor to check it better and see what it is and hopefully is not so bad and I can do a good race in Mantova next week.”

Next Grand Prix: Lombardia-Italy, Mantova 26/06/16
Race 1:
1-T.Gajser, 2-A.Cairoli, 3-V.Guillod, 4-E.Bobryshev, 5-G.Paulin
Race 2:
1-T.Gajser, 2-M.Nagl, 3-G.Paulin, 4-C.Desalle, 10-A.Cairoli
Grand Prix:
1-T.Gajser 50p. 2-M.Nagl 36p. 3-G.Paulin 36p. 4-E.Bobryshev 34p. 6-A.Cairoli 33p.
World Championship Standings:
1-T.Gajser 482p. 2-R.Febvre 408p. 3-A.Cairoli 405p. 4-M.Nagl 378p. 5-E.Bobryshev 367p.


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