Tony Cairoli king of Riola's sand

The sandy hell of Riola Sardo (OR), welcomed the first round of the Internazionali d’Italia MX SDV series 2017, first appointment with the motocross season. 

On the track that one year he had seen him severely injured, losing the chance to participate at the Internazionali in 2016 and scoring so deeply his winter training, Antonio Cairoli dominated today, winning both races. In the MX1 race, after qualifying with the seventh fastest time, the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team rider has kicked off in the head, sealing the hole shot and taking off in a few corners, giving no possibility to his pursuers to battle with him. After 16 laps in the lead, and after setting the fastest time in the race, Tony crossed the finish line with a considerable advantage over his rivals. 
Same picture in the second race, the one of the Elite class, which had the 20 winners of the MX1 heats challenge with the 20 top finishers of the race of MX2, with Cairoli riding his KTM 450 SX-F, managed by Claudio De Carli, starting in the lead and led the race from the first to the last corner, without ever being approached by the opponents and setting again the fastest lap time in the race. A perfect day so for the eight-time World Champion that so begins in the best possible way the 2017, year in which he will face its fourteenth season of the Motocross World Championship.

Antonio Cairoli: “Today I’m happy about my races, this is one of my favorite track and finally I start to feel the bike in a better way. 

This winter we tested a lot and now the bike is fitting better to my riding style, what last year wasn't possible because of the crash I had here during the winter preparation. I’m satisfied about my speed, even if we miss Jeffrey that is one of the best rider in the sand but hopefully we will see him soon again on track. Now I feel like if I’m one think with the bike and I trust the bike so I can express my self a little bit better compare to the past. I was struggling always in the beginning of the race last year, now it looks like we solved the problem and I’m able to be fast since the firsts laps and it helps a lot. 

I know that in a race like that on the sand it can be easier for me because I like a lot the sand so now I’m curious to see next week, on the hard pack, if I’m able to do it in the same way. We will race in Malagrotta that is the track where I was almost born and I expect to see a lot of crowds like here in Sardinia today.”
Next race: Malagrotta (Roma) 05/02/2017MX1
1-A.Cairoli 2-J.Van Horebeek 3-T.Gajser 4-R.Febvre 5-E.Bobryshev
1-A.Cairoli 2-J.Van Horebeek 3-T.Gajser 4-E.Bobryshev 5-G.Coldenhoff


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